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Internal energies

Eight gates for Jay Lee(1)

Eight gates are certain points in the human bodyAnd which relate to the flow of chakras and she gives energyMost thankful for this body, as if the user Open these gates up to a maximum powers....

Eight gates for Jay Lee(2)

Opening the gate (開門, Kaimon) and is lies In mind, and it breaks the barrier between the body and the mind And when used allow the user to work blow Lotus front....

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Rayn Style

Rayn style
My research indicates that the real style of the Rhine
2 style of the Rhine is not yoga:
It has now been confirmed that the Rhine is not yoga entirely different between them and the number of people Valtdrebat Kdalk religion mastered yoga 18.000
But people in the Rhine Laden Issue 15 big difference !!!
3 tips during training on the Rhine:
In the exercise of the Rhine there are things that must be changed is not Kaltdrebat published they are very difficult korabika

internal Energy
nternal energy is the internal energy is electromagnetic waves emitted from all the creation of God in the universe of planets and stars, and Freezers, and humans, plants, and animals as well as light and radiation of various kinds, and are similar to these energies speed it is fixed, and differ from each other the main things: the frequencies or what is known Bzbzbadtha. Wavelength.
 The causes of the internal energy generated there within the human body, electric and magnetic waves, specifically within the cells, and be either positive or negative, as a result of continuous ...

Exercises to see the halo around the body:

1 - dim lighting + white background.
2 - rub your hands together for charging energy.
3 - Raise your hands up and the difference between your fingers and see them.
4 - Notice the space between the fingers and then you'll see the annexation Hrkhm little energy beam.
5 - beyond all eyes focus without effort or fatigue and do not try to see the aura regular Bayunc which sees normal colors and ask them to see what you do not see.

What is meditation?

an introduction
When we hear the word "hopes" many of the people Stsawarham different ideas toward it, some arising picture of the mysterious practice; and that it goes some way your mind to a different world. Others arise to have the idea it a certain way of commitment, which is made by certain people in Asia only. But if we want to get closer to the meaning of the word "meditation" we need to ask, of course, answer three questions: What is meant by the word "hope"? Why do we want to meditate? "And how we can actually meditate?

Calm the mind
Another way of meditation; and that we reach out to more normal state of mind. Here is a very important point must be understood, when we try to calm the mind, our goal is not to get the mind of a hollow, as stop the run radio, this is not the goal at all, you may get it if you go to sleep, but the goal is to calm the mental states annoying, if we are nervous , worried, or scared. We need to calm down all those feelings that cause the disorder.
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the energy source(1)

Chakras Chakura (チ ャ ク ラ?) Is the energy source required for the performance of most forms of Jawtsu. Ages ago, it was human beings are born without thanking inside them....
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the energy source(2)

Types Jawtsu
NinjutsuThey used one or the five elements of energy to implement skill-based in nature to the user element and more ninja techniques of this kind. GanjoutsoIllusion techniques used for creating a state of imbalance with the perception of which is making it easier to defeat. TaijutsuIt is the physical skills that do not need power, but in some of them strong skills and rely on body strength and months of featuring in the series Naruto me and coach Guy where he fought for me to be able to get these skills...

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Method of bio-energy 

Bio-energy therapy is the ability to dump the diseased energy from the patient's body and then charging the positive energy the body, the patient recovers from his illness. " The human body issued vibrations, and these vibrations surrounding the body about something called "halo".....

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Method of bio-energy 


* If science proves that 100% of the organic diseases caused by myself, it is not inconsistent with the Hadith "stomach is the home of disease"???.........

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How practiced 

telepathy and read 


All of us including you possess that capability, a telepathy and sent the ability of mental messages included assistance or request or alert all of us can practice telepathy with ease but if you follow any exercise of some exercises crisis to practice telepathy . prevalent among friends or relatives or brothers or spouses or twin ... So how practicing telepathy.?......

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How practiced 

telepathy and read 


It is to stand or sit in front of Mrap then looks at to yourself or toAlemraeh face in concentration and Bstrha internal means feel calmAnd then scrutinize more harm to your

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How practiced telepathy and read thoughts?(3)

It is to stand or sit in front of Mrap then looks at to yourself or to Alemraeh face in concentration and Bstrha internal means feel calm And then scrutinize more harm to your profiles Then imagine that your picture in Alemraeh image of the person on it.....

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Easy Steps to learn to extract energy 

from your hands

For all who wish to learn the extraction of energy and treat themselves out, this article will achieve your goals - just - want an internal confirmation of what you want; so that your mind can respond to you and help you to do what you want to do....

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Easy Steps to learn to extract energy from your hands

Energy extraction steps:

 1. First, made 10 deep Tnevsat to charge the energy of your body, and feel the air penetrates inside you, and follow the correct way to breathe deeply, as follows: First, inhale air from the nose until the count 4 and fill the lungs with air. Second, keep the air inside the body count until 10.

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