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the study

Hello you to this part of our website, which is interested in the study.
We will begin educational and cultural courses .... We wish to appeal to you,

learn new language(1)

Did you encounter an embarrassing situation before .. I had it to use a foreign language, and was not successful in dealing with him? Do you want to elevate the field of your business or your education, and the language is the only...

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the languethe langue (2)

If we learn English, for example, we will find many traditional and non-traditional ways available. If you're searching for (academic direction) you can join the centers accredited available education internally and externally by internationally renowned universities such

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Anti_ar sites and stages of learning .. Between the ease and patience!(3)
Really privileged to learn English via the Internet that there are hundreds of free educational sites such; where have available means complete mastery whether audio or visual, some even provide exams for all stages like, and www

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Some proposed to learn the langauge  steps(4)

This learning process will be slow, but there are some confident steps that we recommend you follow them, which leads to excellent results, including:

Some proposed to learn the language   steps(5)

Start doing a personal dictionary, vocabulary and collect him, and not in alphabetical order, and put those items in a complete and simple sentence.
Reliance on Dictionary (English English) First, get away as possible from dictionaries or language interpretation programs.

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the language(6)

In general, whatever the means of learning available to you must first be aware of some important points, which include:

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Suspicions and obstacles in the way of learning(7)

There are many problems that can face the people while they learn English or any other language, including.....

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The importance of linguistic exchanges .. and its role in human communication(8)

Although it is a linguistic exchange between the peoples of the most important pillars of human communication since ancient times, it is the most important means of communication to talk at all....

The end of the signal ..(9)

It is noteworthy that there is a tendency float on the horizon will be the work done at the moment for the Arabization of many websites on the World Wide .....

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