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dimanche 21 août 2016

Energy fields, meridians and chakras

For thousands of years, health and longevity has been the subject of extensive research in all of the world’s civilizations. Doctors, practitioners and astrologers tried to penetrate the mysteries of life and death. They developed concepts trying to explain illness and ageing, temperament and character. The majority of these have been lost in the sands of time, and only faint echoes have reached us through scraps of manuscripts.
But the manuscripts which did reach us are based on principles which differ from the Western materialistic outlook. These are the principles of the Earth, the energy of trees, grass and people. During the expedition to the land of the Sierra Nevada Indians in Columbia, we spoke to them in the language of energy, and they accepted us, opened their soul and sanctuary to us. So when we speak about energy fields, about meridians and chakras, we are using a language created by other civilizations – a language which, on an intuitive level, hands down ideas which have been proved by the practice of thousands of years.

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