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dimanche 25 juin 2017


The youth inventive...

                it is difficult to Work on a film as a teenager and without preparation But these friends work on him with simple things and a wonderful idea...
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dimanche 21 août 2016


Presented above descriptions demonstrate basic principles in using GDV instrument. Practical experience and different experiments will give you full confidence in using the GDV instrument, and you will find a lot of interesting and practical applications for the well-being of yourself, your family and your friends. Results allowed to start a new scientific line of the instrumental investigation of the geoactive zones. In this field culturological aspect of the problem is of particular interest. Idea that from the ancient times historical monuments have been correlated with the “places of power”, areas, having some specific geophysical properties, specific influence to the human condition, has been experimentally approved.
What does the GDV instrument measure in physical terms?

The GDV instrument is based on the stimulation of photon and electron emissions from the surface of the object. The stimulation is provided by transmitting short electrical pulses. In other words, when the object is placed in an electromagnetic field, it is primarily electrons, and also to a certain degree photons, which are ‘extracted’ from the surface of the object.
The influence of mental, emotional and spiritual processes on the Energy Field
With physical devices we measure physical processes, i.e. processes of the material world. That is why we can only measure the influence of consciousness on physiological or physical processes. This influence is conveyed along several channels, primarily through the cerebrum, which takes an active part in thought and emotion processes. The brain produces a cascade of chemical substances which influence physiological processes, and also influences activity of the central and autonomic nervous systems.
The GDV instrument bridges the gap between logical Western science and the intuitive science of the Orient. It makes it possible to present the same phenomenon in different languages, in different systems, and to look at the same phenomenon from different points of view.

If you are familiar with the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, if you accept the ideas of meridians, energy channels and energy fields, then the GDV instrument is for you – particularly since the concept of electropuncture is already well integrated into modern Western medicine. And in any language it is possible to speak of energy measurements and of the energy potential of organs and systems. We hope that the data obtained through the GDV instrument broadens that paradigm, giving it new content and a new language.